One of the area’s premier senior nursing centers is bringing a special kind of world-class care to local residents who need it most. Shorrock Gardens Care Center is pleased to announce the launch of their state-of-the-art Peritoneal Dialysis Program. Shorrock Gardens, a multi-purpose complex designed around a wide scope of patients’ needs, including long- term, short -term and post-surgery care and rehabilitation, will accept qualifying residents into the Program either from their own homes, or from area nursing homes.

Shorrock Gardens Care Center is located in Brick, on the border of Lakewood and Toms River. The new Program is welcome news for Ocean County kidney patients who often have to travel by ambulance for these special treatments, and now can get personalized care and devotion in a nurturing environment right in their own backyard. “Throughout the State there are only about 5% of nursing homes who are specially licensed to provide peritoneal dialysis,” says Wendy Metzger, Administrator. “Adding this service is a natural progression in Shorrock Gardens’ constant expansion of quality services for seniors in our neighborhood. This will truly be a great service for those in need.”


Whereas hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are both used to treat kidney failure, peritoneal dialysis is a less tiresome, less time consuming process that affords patients many more freedoms as well as other benefits. “People on hemodialysis often have to spend three days a week at a hemodialysis center receiving treatment,” says Ms. Metzger. “At Shorrock, a peritoneal dialysis patient can complete their dialysis at night when they are sleeping or sitting up watching TV in the comfort of their own room.”

Many community residents are self-sufficient enough to perform their own peritoneal dialysis at home. However, following a hospital stay, that can all change, and these same people may need skilled nursing care or short-term rehabilitative care. In nursing homes and rehab care centers where hemodialysis is the only option, these patients might have to face additional surgery to be able to be placed on hemo, and then spend three long days per week at a center receiving dialysis. Wendy Metzger has comforting news for these patients. “With the approval of their doctor, a nephrologist, a person receiving peritoneal dialysis at home that now needs nursing home care can be admitted to Shorrock’s peritoneal dialysis program and receive treatments in the comfort of their own room at a convenient time for them.”

Shorrock Gardens Care Center had to complete specialized training of its staff to ensure superior care and services for its peritoneal dialysis residents. Shorrock’s staff will be working with The Renal Center of Brick, who will be completing the initial training of all dialysis patients. The staff of The Renal Center will oversee all of the dialysis treatments under the direction of Dr. Joseph Albanese, a prominent local nephrologist, who will be the program’s Medical Director.

While Shorrock Gardens’ dedication to senior health and wellness is incomparable, the quality and enormity of services and amenities offered creates a lifestyle that cannot be matched elsewhere. Private dining rooms, multiple recreation rooms, and living residences with mahogany furnishings and outdoor patios are some of the features that create a one of a kind environment for healing. Like all of Shorrock Gardens’ residents, patients admitted into the new Peritoneal Dialysis Program can take advantage of it all.

With an ever-expanding dedication to all areas of senior health and wellness, Shorrock Gardens Care Center continues to be the regional center for a broad continuum of care. For patients recovering from hospital stays, Shorrock Gardens Care Center has become the area’s premier place for transitional care including tracheostomy care, care following chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and rehabilitation for patients recovering from heart surgery, strokes, and major falls.

For more information, call us at (732) 451-1000 or visit us at Shorrock Gardens Care Center, 75 Old Toms River Road, Brick, NJ 08723