Brick, NJ –– The Haven at Shorrock Gardens announces the first meeting of their newly created “Alzheimer’s Academy” will take place Tuesday, January 18th, 9:30am, at 75 Old Toms River Road in Brick, NJ. The event is open to everyone; light refreshments will be served, and free care for the loved one will be provided during the discussion. The topic will be: Why is this happening to me? Care for the caregiver.

What to Expect on January 18th -The January 18th meeting is of particular importance to caregivers, who are faced with an enormity of issues––their own health being issue #1. As Alzheimer’s long and arduous journey takes its course, caregivers face tests of their stamina, resilience, and problem-solving skills. Without major support, a caregiver’s health and well-being can be compromised. During the fact-filled discussion, caregivers will learn how to weather each new crisis triggered by a loved one’s diminishing abilities, while preserving their physical and emotional fitness. For example, as communication becomes more limited, rewards are diminished, and relationships are strained. Under these stressful conditions, even the healthiest lifestyles can come undone. By learning how to condition their responses, and prepare for these kinds of challenges, caregivers can best protect themselves.

Though everyone’s experience is unique, all caregivers meet with frustrations, anguish, and adversity, which over time can threaten their health. Embracing new approaches and helpful hints can minimize those threats, and enhance the joys of the care giving experience.

Have caregiver concerns? You’re not alone – Following the first meeting on January 18th, the Alzheimer’s Academy will meet on the third Tuesday of each month and bring together trained professionals, concerned caregivers and their loved ones. Administrator Wendy Metzger says, “When I meet new people who have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, they have concerns about the disease process. This is one way to reach out, help caregivers understand the disease, and learn how they can interact and support the loved one while they’re still living at home.” She continued, “Caregivers can feel isolated. They need a break. With our ongoing program, they’re not isolated. While we take care of their loved one, caregivers can interact with others in an educational, supportive setting.”

The idea is to keep caregivers ahead of the learning curve. Experiences are shared, questions and concerns are raised, and through knowledge and understanding, hope and confidence is gained. By discussing educational and informative issues regarding Alzheimer’s Disease, caregivers increase their capacity to care for their loved one, and themselves as well.

By setting standards of excellence for the memory impaired, The Haven has been able to attract an impressive team of caregivers who each contribute to an overall commitment to providing residents with the highest level of care.

The Haven at Shorrock Gardens has also made an ongoing commitment to the local community, reaching out to them with Alzheimer’s education and awareness, by establishing The Alzheimer’s Academy and other exceptional programs.

Specializing in the care of patients with early memory loss due to Alzheimer’s Disease, and other memory disorders, The Haven at Shorrock Gardens has become a well-respected leader in assisted living services ––right where the populations of Ocean County, and nearby communities need one most.

Years of expert planning went into designing a state-of-the-art building, and a resident-friendly floor plan built around Alzheimer’s residents’ special needs. Extra wide corridors always lead residents back to a central area, allowing freedom of movement, but without any wrong moves. Within this well designed residence are apartment accommodations for 30 residents. The privacy of home aspect helps preserve residents’ cherished independence, and numerous built-in safeguards protect their security. Living in an environment where their dignity is respected, residents at The Haven are more apt to engage in a host of special programs and activities geared towards stimulating mental alertness, aiding memory and building confidence.

To attend, “Why is this happening to me?” Care for the Caregiver, on January 18th, RSVP to the Alzheimer’s Academy at 732-451-1000 ext 510. The Haven at Shorrock Gardens is located at 75 Old Toms River Road in Brick.

For more information, call 732-451-1000