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Elder Care Management

Elder Care Management

Many people face major concerns about aging loved ones, regardless of whether or not concerns are based on physical decline, or cognitive decline related to Alzheimer's disease, or other dementia & memory loss challenges. There are often more questions than answers when looking for solutions on how to help yourself or a family member with health care and health planning needs. Realizing families often need assistance and direction, we’ve partnered with a well-respected leader in the field of gerontology, consultation, and education. This partner company is Elder Life Management, LLC, and they offer an array of services to help guide you through challenging times. Here are some of the many services offered by Elder Life Management:


Care Management is emerging as an essential component in navigating health care systems. With a richness of specialists in the medical field, it becomes challenging to make sure that treatments and services are well coordinated and in the best interest of the elderly individual. The Care Manager works together with other professionals to coordinate services, advocate, and locate resources for the client and family. The Care Manager provides education to the client and family about what realities to expect with aging and helps the family to prepare for the costs and long-term implications. The Care Manager assures that the client receives appropriate services that enhance the individual's quality of life.


Elder Life Management’s home care division, called Elder Life Home Care, has been providing quality home healthcare services for over 20 years. Services offered by their friendly, compassionate caregivers include the following:

  • Live-ins
  • Hourly Home Health Aides
  • Companion Aides
  • LPNs & RNs

Elder Life Home Care is a NJ licensed health care service firm (Bonded and Insured).


Some individuals are beginning to have difficulty with managing their own bill paying. While struggling to remain in charge for as long as possible, assistance with timely bill paying and check balancing procedures can be of critical importance. For these individuals, Elder Life Management provides home-based account management services. They meet in the client's home and assist with financial management issues. This way, clients are still in control and in charge of their affairs.


Applying for Medicaid can be a complicated and lengthy process. Families may become frustrated dealing with the rules and regulations of the bureaucracy of government agencies. Most importantly, should the Medicaid application not be completed on a timely basis, there could be a gap before Medicaid begins to pay the health care facility. The family may be financially responsible under these circumstances.

Assistance is available from Elder Life Management. In addition to providing information and guidance about the Medicaid process, their services can include collecting the required information and documentation, making the actual application and follow through to final approval.

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